Republic of Korea (South Korea) is nearly surrounded by water with the Yellow Sea, the East

(Japan) Sea and the East China Sea and Korea Strait. These bodies of water are shared with

 North Korea, China, Japan and Russia with the economies of each heavily reliant on them for

shipping, aquaculture, fisheries, marine resources, and with the pollution problems and military

 activities, among others. This geopolitical environment requires critical information about

 currents and circulation in our Nation’s waters.

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Foundation and Missions

u Serve as the overall coordinator of Korea HF radar community and provide collaborative

 network system,

 u Deliver the legalistic, technical and scientific information and experiences of HF radar

 operation, maintenance, data management and applications,

u Provide the on- and off-line opportunities and spaces to discuss and exchange the

 research results from HF radar data.

     Effective and consistent collaboration among High Frequency (HF) Radar users, researchers

and organizations is essential to the planning, development and implementation of an effective

Korean HF radar network. We hope to increase the HF radar users and community activity, such

that HF radar network expands to cover all coastal sea of Korea.