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  •  The 1st ORCA special issue containg one review and four contributed articles was published in Ocean Science Journal (OSJ) 48(1) on March 2013

OSJ Special Issue 48(1), March 2013

1) Editorial

2) Fujii et al. 'An Overview of Developments and Applications of Oceanographic Radar Networks in Asia and Oceania Countries'

3) Heron and Atwater, 'Temporal and Spatial Resolution of HF Ocean Radar'

4) Hubbard et al. ' A New Method for Estimating High-Frequency Radar Error Using Data from Central San Francisco Bay'

5) Lee et al. 'Surface Current Response to Wind and Plumes in a Bay-shape Estuary of the eastern Yellow Sea: Ocean Radar Observation'

6) Ichikawa et al. ' Preliminary Results of the Japan-Taiwan Joint Survey on Combining Ocean Radar Data in the Kuroshio Upstream Region'


  •  Papers using HF radar data obtained in Korean Waters

       1. Hwang et al. (2010) 'Application of objective mapping to surface currents observed by HF radar ...'

       2. Lee et al. (2008) 'Accuracy of HF radar-derived surface current data in the coastal waters..... '

       3. Kim et al. (2008) 'Variations in subtidal surface currents observed with HF radar ....'

       4. Son et al. (2007) 'Surface current variability in the Keum River estuary (south Korea) during summer 2002...'

       5. Kim et al. (2006) 'Changes of surface M2 currents as observed by HF radar before and after Saemangeum.... '

       6. Lee et al. (2003) ' Low-salinity Water and Circulation in summer around Saemangeum area....'