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Ocean Radar Networks of KHOA

1. Sea Surface Current Map

- YeoSu

- Bunsan New Port & Western Channel of Korea Strait  

- TaeAn

- UlSan

- Incheon


2. Brief History

 Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Administration (KHOA) have been interested in operational application

of ocean radar currents, providing real-time data to public and a wide variety of end-users (You et al. 2012).

KHOA installed ocean radars near Incheon harbor in 2002 and then moved them in 2003 to Yeosu Bay (YB site)

where traffic is heavy due to the major harbor. KHOA added new radar sites at Busan New Port (BNP site) as

big container terminals are opened recently and in the western channel of KS for the purpose of monitoring TWC

in 2011. KHOA also installed ocean radars in 2012 to provide real time surface current field near Baekryeong

Island (BRI site) in the YS for military activities. Moreover, after the worst oil spill by MT Hebei Spirit in

December 2007, KHOA has a plan to reinstall ocean radars in 2013 on the western coast of Taean County near

Incheon because of heavy traffic of oil tankers.