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Kunsan National Univ.(KNU) HF Ocean Radar Network

Surface current field by KNU

off the Keum River Mouth and Saemangeum Dike  

Principal Investigator Prof. Sang-Ho Lee (sghlee@kunsan.ac.kr)

 Department of Oceanography, Kunsan National University, Korea

1. Sea Surface Current Map

GunSan & TaeAn

In 2002, Kunsan National University (KNU) purchased HF Ocean Radars (CODAR, 25 MHz) that are operating to map surface currents outside of the Keum River estuary mouth (KRE site). The radar coverage was expanded in 2006 in cooperation with Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute (KIOST) after completion of Seamangeum dike to measure the currents outside of the dike, the longest dike (33 km) in the world (SD site). The main purpose of radar network in this area is to examine the effects of large coastal development on the coastal current structure and the extension and variation of river plumes (Lee et al. 2003; Kim et al. 2006, 2008; Son et al. 2007), and to provide the observation-based information of current variability for effective design, management and utilization of this coastal area in future.

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