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The 1st Ocean Radar Conference for Asia (ORCA)

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Dates: May 17 - 18, 2012

Venue: Mayfield Hotel, Seoul, Korea





Ocean currents determine the movement of surface waters and are equivalent to winds  in the atmosphere because they move  things from one location to another.  In recent years, a number of Asian countries have begun to use HF radar operationally  in the areas of navigation, oil spill prediction, search and rescue, harmful algal bloom forecasting and tsunami detection and warning. National demands for near real-time surface current data require development of a HF radar network to measure coastal surface currents.

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In spite of the public demands of HF radar data, there have been few HF radar management conferences among the Asian HF radar communities to establish communication on specific topics e.g. data management, operation and maintenance, error estimation, data gap filling, and other results of research and application. These topics together with the issues of high-frequency phenomena and extreme events will be the main interest of discussions during the 1st ORCA. With a wide variety of HF Radar network uses and ages, we encourage groups to attend who are highly experienced as well as those just getting started. 


Purpose of the Conference


  Share experiences on HF radar network planning, operation, maintenance and data management, exchange ideas about applications and research results, discuss issues that are common to all operators and end-users in Asia and build relationships across national boundaries to help foster the development and growth of HF radar observation networks along the Asian seas.


Important Date

Ø  Abstract Submission Announce: February 5, 2012

Ø  Abstract and Registration Deadline: March 20, 2012

Ø Notification of final program to Authors: April 5, 2012



Organized by the Korea Ocean Radar Forum (KORF) 


* Local Organizing Committee at KORF

Chair, Prof. Sang-Ho Lee (Kunsan National University): sghlee@kunsan.ac.kr

Prof. Kuh Kim (Seoul National University): kuhkim@gmail.comProf. Kyung-Il Chang (Seoul National University): kichang@snu.ac.kr

Dr. Cheol-Ho Cho (Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute): chcho@kordi.re.kr

Mr. Yong Huh (Korea Hydrographic & Oceanographic Administration): nori@korea.kr

Mr. Sung Doo Hong (Oceantech,Co. Ltd): sales@oceantech.co.kr Mr. Hyeon Seong Kim (Marine Information Technology, Co.): gkimhs@hanmail.net


* Contact : Sang-Ho Lee


  Department of Oceanography, Kunsan National University

  sghlee@kunsan.ac.kr, Phone: +82-63-469-4603, Fax: +82-63-469-4990


* Sponsors

Research Institute of Oceanography, Seoul National University, Korea

Saemangeum Marine Environmental Research Team(BK21), Kunsan National University, Korea

Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Administration

Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute

Oceantech, Co. Ltd, Korea

Marine Information Technology, Co. Korea

CODAR Ocean Sensors, USA